ADULT PSYCHOTHERAPY in Santa Monica, CA, 90403 

Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety and depression are often looked at as two sides of the same coin and many people experience them together. Sometimes it has been an on-going problem or the feelings are in reaction to a specific life stressor, i.e. the loss or illness of a loved one, your own illness, divorce, loss of a job or career, etc. With mild to severe depression and/or anxiety, it is very helpful to have a caring, yet objective therapist who is trained to help you work things through, even if you are already taking medication.

Relationship Difficulties: I work with all kinds of couples, including romantic couples, friendships, siblings, and parents and adult children. I also help individuals who find themselves having the same types of problems in one relationship after another,or are having difficulty finding a relationship or ending. Difficulty finding or ending a relationship.

Coping With Illness in Yourself or a Loved One: When one member of a family has medical issues it impacts the whole family emotionally and practically in different ways. Illness itself or the treatment may cause depression/anxiety, or, at the very least, acute or chronic illness can put one at higher risk for anxiety and depression.

Life Transitions: These include transitions from full-time parenting to work and visa versa, from a single life to marriage or co-habitation, from school into the workplace, empty nest, retirement, divorce, becoming a parent and so on.

Social Difficulties: This can be problems in the workplace, with friends, making friends or being in large groups if the problem impacts your functioning or well-being.

Work or Career Issues: Relationships with bosses, employees, and co-workers, difficulty succeeding in your career and problems finding the right career are just some of the issues I treat.


Depression, Anxiety and Mood Changes: normal adolescent feelings or something more?

Peer relationships and social anxiety/shyness

School problems: learning issues, under-achieving, poor organizational skills, lack of motivation

Developmental Lags: Is your adolescent socially or emotionally immature?

Compliance with authority: parents, school and community

Divorce or death of a parent

Illness, illness in a parent or sibling

CHILD PSYCHOTHERAPY in Santa Monica, CA, 90403

Anxiety and Depression: depression in particular can look quite different in children, sometimes showing itself as hyperactivity, change in grades or, in young children, loss of developmental gains. Come to me for professional children counseling.

Peer Relationships and social anxiety/shyness

School: behavior, learning difficulties. under-achieving, poor organizational skills, lack of motivation

Developmental Lags: Is your child? socially or emotionally immature?

Is your child socially, emotionally or behaviorally immature?

Divorce or Death of a Parent/family member

Illness: hospitalization, medical procedures, loss of capacity, or a parent’s or family member’s illness

Compliance With Parental Authority

Parent Consultation: from pregnancy through adolescence, the pre-college process through beginning college, transitioning to a good (yet different) relationship with your adult child