Parenting in today’s society can be complicated and difficult. Parents today are faced with obstacles that our own parents may not have had to deal with, such as the proliferation of internet related technology, crowded schools that sometimes can’t hold every student as accountable as they’d like to, the pressure teens and even children put on each other to engage in sexual behavior, and the unavoidable reality of easily obtained drugs and alcohol in our community. Single parent homes and blended family situations can add further stress to parents.

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Parent counseling allows parents an opportunity to talk about the best interests of their Parenting Santa Monica CAchildren in a neutral environment and, when appropriate, to get input and advice from a professional who is experienced in working with children and families of divorce. Issues ranging from custody schedules to day-to-day parenting can be discussed and parents can be kept ‘on track’ when their discussion begins to drift from parenting issues to personal issues that are need to be kept distinct from the best needs of their child.

Parenting counseling offers parents an opportunity to discuss parenting concerns and strategies within the private and confidential setting of counseling sessions. Parenting counseling is no different from regular counseling, except that the primary focus of the counseling is on parenting. Other issues and concerns may be incorporated into the counseling process.

IE will teach you how to take back parental control! One of the secrets to successful parenting is to use certain communication and discipline strategies consistently and in a prescribed order. This consistent sequence is the key to improvement and kids know that you are serious about better behavior. Your child will listen more effectively and take your commands more seriously. With improved compliance at home, he will perform better at school and get along better with his peers, with adults and with family.

Parenting counseling can help you rebuild a pathway to a productive and healthy family relationship. This might be the single most important decision you make for your child. Read more about my aims and visions as a child counseling therapist.