Marriage counseling is necessary for couples out of different reasons. Some seek it in order to fix their relationship before it completely falls apart. Others just do it in order to have their little private space where they can confess all their worries and marriage problems, without being occupied with other daily routines. Whatever the case Sally Hackman PhD, MFT is available when you want to book an appointment with marriage counselor and have time to speak honestly to your partner.

Let a professional marriage counselor help you bring back the harmony in your life!

The objective of Sally Hackman PhD, MFT’s marriage therapy is to give you all the help you need so you remain together Marriage Counselor in Santa Monicaas a couple unless you clearly want to break up, in which case, couples counseling can be of great help for you to do this in a more friendly way. In the majority of the cases, there is a positive way ahead with couples counseling but both parts should make an effort towards reaching this goal and accept that it may be a tough and long process.

People often delay counseling until the situation gets too close to separation – the point at which one or the other has simply had enough of it. The unwillingness to get help outside  the marriage is expected, but very often thanks to this negative cycles keeps going on for ages like a vicious circle. There is a good news to that though –  if the couple has the strong motivation to remain together, my marriage therapy will still have an effect in fixing the damage in the the hurt feelings and the connection between the two. Acknowledgement of these topics has helped new couples to take couples therapy – even before getting married – and fix the problems that keep obstructing their relationship.

My aim in the first session for you is that you undergo great perspicacity. After your session with me you will leave with a lot less problems than the ones that have been holding you back and distinct ideas of what you will have to do to actualize the love you are searching for. After that it is in your hands to continue revealing and fixing void credos regarding relationships and carrying out mechanisms that be useful for you and will be permanently present in your life. Read how I can help you as a couples counselor.