I am Sally Hackman PhD, MFT, a professional counselor who have been providing therapy and counseling for the residents of Santa Monica, CA for more than 20 years by marriage, individual and couples counseling. I’ve helped numerous couples and single men and women to resolve conflicts in their relationships.

Unfortunately, human beings and life’s complexity generally means that there are Couples Counseling Santa Monica CAcountless factors which could make relationships difficult or cause them to completely collapse. At times important events in life such as illness, bereavement, or losing a job, and even joyful events such as having a family can put extreme pressure on family members, couples and friends. In other cases the cause can be the trust abuse like betrayal and also physical or mental abuse, financial problems, addictions,  and sexual impediments. There are lots of instances where couples either get bored in the relationship or they start feeling like they have “outgrown” their partner.

There are many people who have conflicts. In a couple, for instance, one could have a conscious desire for a meaningful and serious relationship, but on an unconscious level there are different momentums that intervene with the process of work towards that result. If these conflicts are left unnoticed by us it becomes really hard to resolve the issues. As I can resolve all sorts of conflicts by shedding a light on them and talking about them.

Psychosexual problems can point out an issue into the relationship or emerge from the past. Sexual abuse in childhood, for instance, can affect an otherwise happy relationship and  can be attended with an appropriately qualified couples counselor. The cause for other sexual issues may be medical or physical, but oftentimes it can be approached with a trained therapist.

My couples counseling in Santa Monica, CA, also popular as marital therapy or marriage guidance, points out the problems rising from intimate or adult sexual relationships. The relationship, rather than the two individuals, It is not so much the two individuals but rather the relationship is the “client”. If you are looking for a parent counseling specialist read more about my approach.