Enduring life changes, gaining independence, making career decisions, being successful, living meaningfully, and relating well with others is essentially challenging and very often it’s hard or stressful. Life’s built-in commands redound for the general stress that inevitably falls on our shoulders. Balancing a course load and fitting all the other social, personal and financial duties at the same time may defy distress, depression, and anxiety and more physical or emotional symptoms. My extensive counseling and psychological services are aimed at being in good time, preventative, approachable, and personalized to fulfill your specific needs.

Counseling in Santa Monica CA

The way I practice counseling employs the best modern, professionally recognized and based on evidence counselling methods. My goal is to help you accomplish your goals. I offer compassion, acceptance and what is more, I don’t judge.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t go through tough transitions in life: career changes, relationship breakups, retirement, children leaving home, or relocation, etc. Those are the kind of changes that can inflict immense stress, which leads to mending anxiety, obstacles and even depression. Actually, the largest amount of people coming for counseling at Sally Hackman PhD, MFT are for these particular problems. Very often, a short period of professional counseling is everything needed to make easier the emotional distress’ development during these transition periods.

Therapy is strongly individual. It’s a collaboration and an active interaction. I will evaluate your situation and inform you about the best way to proceed and all the alternatives. Research reveals that main factors for effectual therapeutic change involve the therapeutic relationship and the willingness of the client for therapy. I can assist you with finding the appropriate procedure, so share all your preferences with me.

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counseling in Santa Monica CA

I believe in approaching each and every individual with the ultimate dignity and respect, as this is what lays the foundation for a trustworthy relationship between the client and the counselor where healing and change take place. Counseling (including children counseling) is a co-work between the counselor and the client. I foster all of my clients to take an active part in the course of their therapy. My focus is on solution in my therapy-wise approach, I will be your associate in the process of identifying obstacles that comes into your life and help you come up with solutions to push you towards living your life with  fulfillment and purpose.