I do not use Email for my work because I do not to believe that with Email confidentiality is adequately protected.

Public Transportation: Use any bus that will take you to downtown Santa Monica and transfer to the Big Blue Bus #3 Montana Avenue. It will let you off on either 15th and Montana or 17th and Montana and you can walk to 16th and then north one and one-half blocks. If you are on Wilshire Blvd. and prefer just to get off at 17th Street you can then walkover to 16th and go five and one-half blocks north.

 I do have a ramp for anyone in a wheelchair.

As marriage counselor to psychotherapy I’m based on a psychoanalytic understanding of human behavior. I believe our earliest relationships, in our formative years, shape the way we experience the world, as well as our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and others.

Sally Hackman PhD, MFT
Address: 522 16th St Santa Monica, CA
Phone: (310) 981-3509