Child counseling comes in all different shapes depending on the cause for the child to undergo a therapy. In some cases treatment is a process in which the child counselor works one-on-one with the child with restricted involvement by the parents and in other cases both the child and parent are together in the session. Whatever the form of counseling, child therapy or counseling is a process which helps the child to understand it from her or his point of view and very often the parent learns different ways how to help the child handle certain situations.

Let an the experienced child counselor to find the right way for your kid

I put my focus on building up a relationship of trust with your child. For instance, teenagers are more prepared to to share their struggles voluntary as long as there is an adult around who will not judge them along with their parent who is ready to listen. Listening, guiding, challenging and emboldening are all means that I use for helping my clients achieve their goals.

Children Counseling in Santa Monica CA

I will take all the time needed in apprehending the problem that both you and your child endure. I have an extensive range of appraisals at hand, if required to produce a particular diagnosis. If needed, I’ll plan an intervention strategy in order to keep your child’s individual personality and needs and his home surroundings. If the issue can be solved with only a home program, I take you through the right way to do the program. Naturally, I’ll still be at hand for you to guide you through the entire process as you are facing obstacles or making progress along the way.

My work with teenagers and children has incorporated work with a variation of issues and disorders, like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, attachment disorder, and self-harming behaviors. I have thorough experience and practice in the field of sexually reactive children, child/adolescent victimization, and adolescent sexual offending. As a child counseling specialist with years of experience I can help you go through the rough times of your child’s life.

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My dedication is assisting caregivers and parents who want to be a major presence in their child or teen’s growth and healing process in Santa Monica, CA. I accentuate trustworthiness, respect and responsiveness in parenting methods and relationships among the members of the family.